How to Find Gratitude During Difficult Moments

Gratitude for all blessings of our lives can manifest through insight and healing when we can feel thankful during difficult times. Cultivating gratitude every day can be a powerful catalyst for fortifying happiness in our lives. We may experience gratitude for the amazing people, opportunities, events, and things we feel blessed to have. We may shareContinue reading “How to Find Gratitude During Difficult Moments”

What I Learned from a 30-Day Social Media Detox

In today’s digital climate, it’s hard to unplug and reconnect. At every corner of our lives, technology is at the forefront of what we do, how we communicate, and where we interact with one another. But before social media and digital screens, friendships and relationships flourished through organic communication. For many of us, social mediaContinue reading “What I Learned from a 30-Day Social Media Detox”

Let Your Leaves Fall: Reflect, Uproot, and Reap the Harvest of Your Yoga

Fall is upon us, and with it comes a natural period to embark on your own inward journey through the season. Autumn also gifts us primed time to reflect and fully express gratitude for the all blessings brought through the year. Through uprooting and processing energy that has come to full fruition during the warmer months,Continue reading “Let Your Leaves Fall: Reflect, Uproot, and Reap the Harvest of Your Yoga”

How to Make Time for Yourself

It’s that moment. Time to slow down… but do you give yourself that permission to do so? Many of us struggle in taking time for ourselves because life happens. And I am no exception. The reality and truth is that I have  been struggling to slow down and ease my mind, body and heart lately. IContinue reading “How to Make Time for Yourself”

Choosing the Right Yoga Practice for You

Practice with intention. Your intention — or rather your reason for doing yoga — can be anything you’d like to cultivate. Whether it is to develop more compassion, gain strength, tone your muscles, become more mindful, manage stress, relieve pain or any number of reasons, when you practice yoga with an intention you get moreContinue reading “Choosing the Right Yoga Practice for You”