About Me

In my practice and in my teaching, I’m all about finding a balance and connection with our mind, body and spirit. I like to be challenged but find a release and opening from within.

Yoga is more than asanas and the movement of breath. It’s where we draw mindfulness into action, and a place where we open the pathways of our inner space to gain inner sight and truth. Yoga, in essence, is the light that brings us closer to our BECOMING.

In my classes, expect to move into your body with a mindful connection to your breath. Expect to receive modifications and options for every level of practice. Expect to laugh, and sometimes cry. Expect the unexpected but always feel confident.

My classes are meditative by nature and sequenced with a balance of strength, tone, flexibility, and alignment.

Meditation is more than the breath and silence of the mind. It is my lens of life. It is the one practice of my day that lends stillness in chaos, patience in anxiety, and wisdom in doubt. It is, above all else, my connection to the self. It opens the heart of my soul in absence of the mind. It shines light through my lens, giving me perspective otherwise unseen. And, in the wake of my meditation, I listen so I need not ask.

My journey as a student of yoga inspired me to become a yoga teacher and create a platform to share my story and lessons that I’ve learned on the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga and meditation. This space is a collection of thoughts, tips and excerpts of my life and how they’ve helped me to grow and appreciate who I am, what i do, what I have, and where I am. 

This is my story and I hope it inspires you to join me in our path to mindfulness, self-love, and healing.