Let Your Leaves Fall: Reflect, Uproot, and Reap the Harvest of Your Yoga

Fall is upon us, and with it comes a natural period to embark on your own inward journey through the season. Autumn also gifts us primed time to reflect and fully express gratitude for the all blessings brought through the year.

Through uprooting and processing energy that has come to full fruition during the warmer months, we are not only nourished by what we harvest, but cleared of that which we no longer need.

Increasing nightfall brings an opportunity for us to embrace and observe the deeper, darker elements within ourselves. By taking internal stock of mind, body, and soul, we line ourselves up with the Earth’s natural contracting cycle.

To help us align with the Autumn season through your yoga practice, this next month, our focus will include:

  • Pranayama (breathing exercises) that clear the lungs of stored emotions such as stress, sadness, or grief to help balance and cleanse.
  • Twisting Yoga Postures that aid in regulating the digestive organs, and help eliminate built-up waste from the body to help detox our mind and body of what we no longer need.
  • Aromatherapy that nourish your mind and hydrate your body and skin to help you stabilize, decrease restlessness and improve your overall wellness with grounding energy.
  • Longer Restorative Shavasana that will help ease any tension in the mind and body to counter these energy shifts within and around your mind and body.

Autumn is a time of transformation. Let us use our practice to feel grounded, abundant, clear, and balanced.

Come decompress, uproot and reap the harvest of your yoga practice this Autumn with me. Visit my class schedule and yoga/meditation workshops as we align into a new season of balance in change as we turn a new leaf.

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