Welcome to JennyBean_Love! My name is Jennifer, but all my friends call me Jenny or JennyBean! I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist, Freelance Copywriter and a Yoga Instructor… in love with fitness, wellness and clean eating.


My RUN is more than the distance and the speed. It is empowerment. Ever since I had my first taste at the 118th Boston Marathon, I have been irrevocably in love with my RUN. It is, in so many ways, my source of strength. And, life feels incomplete without the adrenaline rush of pounding the pavement.


My YOGA is more than asanas and the movement of breath. It is my sanctuary. It’s where I start my day, and the very place I want to remain as I continue my journey to the self. It is, in essence, the light that brings me into the presence of my true self. Life without my YOGA is breath without air.


My MEDITATION is more than the breath and silence of the mind. It is my lens of life. It is the one practice of my day that lends stillness in chaos, patience in anxiety, and wisdom in doubt. It is, above all else, my connection to the self. It opens the heart of my soul in absence of the mind. It shines light through my lens, giving me perspective otherwise unseen. And, in the wake of my MEDITATION, I listen so I need not ask.


My FUEL is more than what I eat and the energy I consume. It is the wholesome goodness that electrifies my palate and kicks off every meal. It is vegan and plant-based, and most definitely always sourced from simple ingredients and whole foods. It is, in every way, a challenge. But it is, in every other way, the most rewarding change to a healthier, happier me. I am what I eat, and my FUEL is my diary to inspire the curious minds of how delicious clean eating and vegan foods can be.

So there you have it! This is my story, my life. Welcome to the world of JennyBean_Love! Thank you for being a part of it!


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