Enough is Enough: Finding the Voice to Speak Up to Support Black Lives Matter

I have had the last few weeks to process a lot of things but one particular topic resonated with me. The truth is it hurts to see and hear the pain felt by the Black community, my best friends, and all my friends. We can say we stand by our Black family and community but we need to really listen, empathize, and better understand what is really happening.

I’m listening to their stories, I have found so much power in keeping an open mind to their experiences and their thoughts process. Their voices and stories shared is what heals, what inspires, what awakens, and what changes our perspective to the reality before us. We cannot turn a blind eye as things continue to evolve around us. And I know some of us, like myself, have been figuring out how to best articulate all this in the last few weeks but what matters is being able to communicate it from the heart and being honest with yourself and others on where you really are with all this.

The more we recognize this and spark conversations in our circle about this, the more we shine the truth too often forgotten and the more we ignite change in a time where ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

For the last few weeks, I have been at loss for words and emotionally overwhelmed by the pain, fear, and anger that surrounds our community. But NOTHING hurts me more than to see my best friends and closest friends in that pain because ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

I have struggled to find the words to say. I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and I didn’t want to just share something without thought and action. But this weekend, I broke down into tears. I realized being silent is being inactive, and I wanted to share my thoughts on this in hopes it also inspires you to do the same.

At first, I didn’t want to speak about this because I was scared of not know what to say or how to best support my Black friends, my best friends, the rocks of my life, and the Black community. I was scared of letting myself feel and process it all because if anything like this ever happened to my Black friends, I would not know how to process the pain. I was scared of the fear I would feel and the anger I would have to see all the different counts of discrimination and violence. I was scared of feeling overwhelmed by the pain and the frustration at those who fail to see Black people as AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, and RESILIENT.

I know one post cannot change the world, but I hope if you see this, you know I hear you, I feel you, and I will fight for you through and through. I will pray with you. I will speak up for you. I will stand by you.

And for those who are as scared to speak up as I was, please don’t be silent. Our silence hurts more than you know. I was silent the last few weeks and I know I have hurt some of my best friends by not speaking up earlier. But their honesty made me realize I can’t wait to script the perfect message to be heard. They reminded me that sometimes we have to recognize, work through the discomfort, and shake up our foundations in order to challenge our values and what we think we know. And the truth is that it is extremely scary but it is also equally liberating to educate ourselves, listen to empathize, and find our own truth through it all. Sometimes we have to let it in and let it tout so we can find the courage to step out of our comfort zone, mourn and cry, feel all the pain, and find our own voices too.

We have to do something because something is better than nothing. We can’t say we are indifferent because we can’t bury our heads in the sand when everything around us is burning and shaking. So wherever you are, however you feel, make sure you reach out, start the conversation, educate yourself, and make your voice heard too.

Let us keep speaking out, flood the world with the strength of our voice, the power behind our words, and the courage to fight back. Let us be an ally to Black lives and Community of color. #blacklivesmatter

If efforts to help bring awareness for Black Lives Matter, all the proceeds of my online yoga classes will go to support Black Lives Matter. For more information about this, visit my fundraising page.

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