30 Days of Mindfulness

Mindfulness in action brings meditative moments to life. In celebration of a new season, let’s spring into summer with a new challenge: 30 Days of Mindfulness.

Join me as I embark on a journey of cultivating mindfulness every day, every morning.

Often times, we bury ourselves in our screens, get lost in our work, and draw our focus on everything else and everyone else except for ourselves. However, when we are so busy dwelling on our past and living for the future, we often forget the gift of the present.

In the last few months, so much has happened. Every person feels the impact in varying degrees. Every person is processing it differently. Every person is adapting uniquely. Some of us may have chosen the path of occupying ourselves while others have taken this time to reflect, heal, and realize what’s important in their lives.

No matter how we are processing, adapting and changing our lives due to recent events, it is just as important to remember to give ourselves permission to JUST BE. This is why this 30-day challenge is such an important reminder of actively setting time out to be mindful and present.

Creating a space to be aware of the moment of our thoughts and action gives us the opportunity to calm our minds, settle into our body, and find gratitude of the breath we take and the moment we’re in.

Every day for the next 30 days, choose a new mindful morning routine to start your day. This can be for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour. Whatever it is, hold yourself accountable for that short time period and be present when you take that routine into action.

To get you started, I’ve included some of my favorite Mindful Morning Routines. I pick one every morning and dedicate at least 15 minutes to that activity. Whatever allotted time I give myself, I savor with every breath, every moment, and enjoy what I am doing in that time.

Incorporating this routine has helped me slow down even before my day begins. It continues to help me set the positive note to my day, and guides me with strength and grounding energy for whatever comes my way.

I hope this helps you as you spring into a new season of summer, and until next time, be well and be safe!

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