Stay Calm, Stay Home, and Yoga On!

This week, I wanted to share some thoughts and resources on how we could support small businesses while we…

Stay Calm, Stay Home, and Yoga On!

It is easy for many of us to fall into a state of anxiety, depression, and restlessness while we all stay-at-home. And, while our fitness centers, yoga studios, hiking trails, and beaches are closed, there are many other wonderful ways to find our inner peace, work out, and yoga on!

Thanks to these four local yoga studios, you have endless options to keep moving and practice mindfulness while staying connected with your community. These four yoga studios hold a special place in my heart. They are my home studios where I have trained and taught as teacher and practiced as a student.

Beyond that, these four yoga studios are small and local businesses that need our support. They had to close their doors like many other businesses, and they’re still sharing the love of yoga by offering online resources, virtual yoga classes, and special online packages to help support our community in a time where many of us need it the most.

So join them in a home flow — live, virtual, or at your own time. From YouTube videos to live virtual classes, they have something for everyone. If you like them, make sure to follow them, support them, and visit their website to learn more about them!

Keep practicing and be safe!

Amethyst Healing Spa


Amethyst Healing Spa offers complimentary YouTube videos. Subscribe to their YouTube channel!

Claremont Yoga


Sign Up for a Virtual/Live Yoga Class on MindBODY today!

Claremont Yoga offers online classes via Zoom. If you would like to support their studio during this time please consider: 

  • Sharing yoga with others by purchasing a gift certificate online and gift to friends and family across the globe that may not ever have a chance to visit their physical location. They are offering a $10 online classes and a bundle of 5 online classes for $40.

United Yoga


United Yoga offers:



YogaFunk offers complimentary YouTube videos. Subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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