Audio Recording: Mindful Yoga Flow

Hi everyone,

I hope we are all safe, healthy in mind, body, and spirit as recents continue to evolve around us. 

I know our fitness centers and yoga studios are closed, and we are all looking at different ways to stay active and moving so we aren’t idle at home. So continue to use my yoga videos and meditations as you need, along with other resources I sent out (even check out your online yoga videos on YouTube or live yoga classes online with local studios or yoga teachers). I know many are all turning towards the virtual route to provide some inner peace and yoga love during this time as we stay safe at home. 

What I am including today is something I have never done before. I’m still figuring out some movements I can and cannot do, and I am not in a position to demo a lot of poses in a video, so I found some time this weekend to record this Audio Recording of a Mindful Yoga Flow

Remember those times when I asked you to close your eyes in class? Or the times I shut off all the lights or had you turn away from the mirrors so you removed your sight to turn your attention to your breath and body? This will be a great and beautiful way to lean off the visual cues of a practice and really tune in to your breath and how your body is feeling by solely having an audio resource as your guide for this practice. 

So don’t be afraid because it is not a video, unroll your mat and listen in to this Audio Recording of a Mindful Yoga Flow

Link is:

With love and gratitude,


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