New YouTube Video: Feel-Good Flows to Start Your Day

It has been a passion project of mine to start a YouTube Channel to share videos and recordings on yoga, meditation, and wellness tips and best practices. So I am excited to start a YouTube Channel for JennyBean_Love Yoga!

Every week, I will share a new video for a yoga flow, alignment tip on a specific yoga pose, helpful exercise that has helped me recover from my shoulder injury, a guided meditation, or a wellness tip for self-care and self-love. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

For my first video, I would like to introduce a Feel Good Flow. Yes, my dogs have joined me and yes, it is all about moving into our body to feel good while we chat about life, mindfulness and deep relaxation.

For my second video, join me for the a Slow Vinyasa Flow to Open Hips while we give ourselves permission to open and release as we breath through mindful movements.

Join me for a chat about mindful mornings, a grounding exercise and a stretch flow to start or wind down your day with this Grounding Flow with Mochi and Hiro!

If you have a suggestion on what you’d like to see, comment below or email me!

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