You’re Invited to JennyBean_Love’s Etsy Shop

After popular demand and request, you can now stock up on your favorite JennyBean_Love aromatherapy blends online! My Etsy shop includes my aromatherapy blends and new products!

Making, blending and creating essential oils at home has been a passion project of mine, and sharing that homemade love in my classes and workshops has brought so much joy! So much so that I created a yoga room just for making aromatherapy products and setting up for all my events and workshops!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the aromatherapy blends I’ve introduced in our classes and workshops. If you would like to grab your favorite blends, I have them available in three products: 10ml rollerball bottle, 1oz hand butter, and 16oz body scrub (coming soon in February 2020)!

The three aromatherapy blends are:

Rapid Relief: A bright, invigorating, and refreshing blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, and Coconut oil, that relieves sore muscles and headaches. These oils blended together help warm and cool the area of concern and increase circulation giving you a sense of relief and ease.

Happy Vibes: An aromatic citrus and earthy blend of Sweet Orange, Fir Needle, and Coconut oil, that energizes your mind and creates a state of bliss, joy and deep relaxation.

Lavender Bliss: A soothing, calming blend of Lavender, Rose Otto, Jasmine and Coconut oil that will melt your stress away and leave you feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed.

Free shipping on orders over $35!

Visit my Etsy shop today!

Fuel & Love Your Body with Plant-Based Protein

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc3977.jpeg

Ayurvedic Protein is a unique blend of traditional Ayurvedic herbs, spices, plant-based protein powder and digestive enzymes to support a happy body and peaceful mind. Made with love by an Ayurvedic physician and devout yogi, our original recipe will strengthen your self-care practice, deliciously. Our USDA Certified Organic, Certified Vegan, Certified Gluten-Free, Soy-Free protein powder promotes focus and concentration, gut health, immunity and stress support.

Use code JENNYBEAN2020 for 10% off your purchase at Ayurvedic Protein.

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