Melt Away Your Holiday Stress in 30-Minutes

Happy Holidays — the season of gift-giving, holiday parties, and activities galore that begins right after Halloween and builds to Thanksgiving — now continues to gain momentum through the end of the year.

While this season is meant to bring feelings of love and cheer, it’s also the season for holiday stress for many. In fact, stress can take a tremendous toll on the body, draining our energy and keeping the body in a constant state of anxiety. The effects are magnified when the body builds up tension in the muscles and mind is restless.

To help you ease through the holiday stress, listen to this 30-Minute Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep.

How Can Meditation Help Stress Relief?

Meditation is a powerful vehicle to access the inner strength that allows us to face the overwhelming fears, frustrations and challenges of everyday life. Meditation allows our energy to flow more freely pushing through any emotional and physical barrier and freeing the body and mind.

We can’t eliminate stress from our lives, but we can learn to manage it in a healthier way through our breath.

guided meditation Release tension and de-stress with this audio meditation:

I hope this 30-Minute Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep brings blessings of inner peace into your lives this holiday season.

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