Finding Gratitude to Fortify Happiness

There are some days when gratitude is simple. In the everyday amazing, unforgettable experiences we have, gratitude invites celebration of what we have, who we are, and where we are. Then there are times of struggle where gratitude is far from sight. But gratitude is not just about being thankful for the good things in our lives, but in everything in our lives. It is in true recognition of blessings in all things that we find contentment and strengthen happiness.

As featured in DAYSPA Magazine,

On Saturday, November 23rd, our monthly guided meditation will take us through a journey of finding Gratitude to Fortify Happiness through:

  • Appreciation of Everything
  • Gratitude in Your Challenges
  • Mindful Awareness
  • Self Expression in Gratitude

We will begin with a seated pranayama (breathing exercise) and deeply release into Shavasana supported by bolsters, blankets, blocks, and lavender-scented eye pillows while the room diffuses with aromatherapy. During the guided meditation, you will surrender your mind to visualization and your body to breath.

After the workshop, we will gather in the lobby for light refreshments, time to shop my essential oils blends for holiday gifts, and leave with a health and wellness gift bag sponsored by Enlightenment Planner, Mamma Chia, Sun Butter, Superieur Electrolytes, Smashmallow, Pangea Organics, VegNews, Eat Your Coffee, JanaBanana, Tsubi Soup, NutPods, and Peatos.

Call Amethyst Healing Spa at (909) 345-2391 or register online at MINDBODY. $25 fee.

Glimpse of Our Previous Workshops

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