New 30-Minute Audio Guided Meditation to Send Loving-Kindness to Loved Ones

In this month’s audio guided meditation, we will shift our focus to a Guided Meditation to Send Loving-Kindness.

Practicing meditations to receive and send loving-kindness regularly helps us increase our capacity for forgiveness, connection to others, self-acceptance, and compassion to others and ourselves.


During this 30-Minute Guided Meditation to Send Loving Kindness, expect to send your benevolent and loving energy towards others in your life. Feel and bask in the warmth of their loving-kindness, and vibrate that same warmth of love and wellness to those you love and those you would like to send healing thoughts to.

Take August to focus on sending loving-kindness and as we lead into September, take an hour experience Loving-Kindness as a whole by listening to the 20-Minute Guided Meditation to Receive Loving-Kindness followed by this 30-Minute Guided Meditation to Send Loving Kindness.


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