Get 10% Off These Harem Yoga Pants!

Hi yogis! Last month, I discovered Harem Pants and some of you have seen me sport them in class and on social media! By popular request of where my new collection of yoga pants are from, I’m excited to be represent Harem Pants as a brand ambassador!

Here are some photos of them and I’ll share more on my social media pages if you’d like to see how to style them!


Perfect for all seasons, especially now as it is approaching summer. I love wearing these by the pool or at the park for outdoor practice and meditations.


Even for lounging, these harem pants are designed with comfort and style! Even Mochi loves it! 🐶


Or simply for those days out, I spice it up with a little edge by adding a cropped solid color jacket.


Or just a relaxing day at my local cafe sipping tea and style feeling at home in the comforts and style offers.

If you’re interested in grabbing a pair or two for you or a friend, use JennyBeanLove at checkout for 10% off at


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