What is Meditation?

Every day, I demand the world of my mind, body and soul. But, every morning, I receive. I silence my mind so my spirit may speak. I listen so I need not ask. I breathe so I can fuel my soul. I meditate so I can see.


Meditation is a conscious interaction between your body and mind that can bring about a state of ease. Meditation practices vary, some invite us to choose a though, word, object, or sensation on which to focus, so that we can quiet our minds, while others invite us to soften our focus, releasing tension or the mental ad emotional clutter within us in order to find equilibirum. Both of these types of meditation can help us create and maintain balance in our lives. We mediate to find peace within our hearts. We meditate to lower our stress levels. We meditate when we need to find our focus. When we become adept at our personal meditation practice, we begin to meditate for joy, because over time, meditation becomes blissful. There are infinite ways to meditate because we are all diverse beings within different personalities and needs. Meditation brings balance into our lives and into our hearts. Today, try a new meditation practice and see what it offers you.

An excerpt by Susanna Harwood Rubin

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