With a new selection of classes at various local gyms and studios, I am excited to offer 5 types of yoga:

  • Mindful Vinyasa
  • Gentle Flow + Restore
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yin Flow + Restore

Each of these classes will include verbal cues with some visual cues as I walk around to help students with proper alignment and adjustments.

If you’re new or would like to learn more about the benefits of each type of yoga class listed, read Choosing the Right Yoga Practice for You.

Hope to see you all soon for a healing and meditative class! Namaste. 🙏


7:30am – Yin Yoga (Fitness 19, Covina)

9:45am – Mindful Vinyasa Flow (LA Fitness, Diamond Bar)

5:45pm – Gentle Flow + Restore (Fitness 19, Covina)

8:00pm – Yin Flow + Restore  (LA Fitness, Glendora)


8am – Yin Yoga (Triad Fitness, Azusa)

8pm – Yin Flow + Restore  (LA Fitness, Baldwin Park)


8:45am – Yin Flow + Restore (Fitness 19, Covina)

12pm – Gentle Flow + Restore (LA Fitness, West Covina – Garvey)

6:15pm – Mindful Vinyasa (The Yoga Funk, Glendora)


8am – Mindful Vinyasa (Triad Fitness, Azusa)

7:30pm – Mindful Vinyasa (Triad Fitness, Azusa)


8:45am – Yin Flow + Restore (Fitness 19, Covina)

5:45pm  – Mindful Yoga (United Yoga, San Dimas)


9am – Gentle Flow + Restore (The Yoga Funk, Glendora)

11am – Gentle Flow + Restore (LA Fitness, La Verne)

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