Written Reflection: A World Collided

Poetry is a long-time love of mine. Much like a creative form of expression of art, its words are written and spoken with profound meaning from the heart. So in today’s written reflection, I share with you a poem I wrote:

Love is like the fine threads of a spider’s web
Each moment escaping to the next
Interweaving into the web of intersecting lives

It is easily blown away by the wind
But like the rise and fall of the day
It is strong and does not stay down

It rebuilds in the wake of every morning
Over each broken thread
Bonding the shredded ends of the past
With the breath of new life in the present

It speaks of an unknown complexity
Where our lives intertwine and align
The lost with the found
And the broken into the made

It brings a world collided into motion
Spinning endlessly in pace
Until all strands weave as one
And the world stands still

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