Honor Your Body

Every day, our bodies are different. So we honor our body. Some days we are strong, some days we are not. Some days we are flexible, some days we are not as much. Whenever your body is today, be kind to yourself. Don’t force your body beyond its edge. If you need to rest, there is no shame in that. And this is a lesson I continue to teach my students and myself.


During my vacation, I sustained a mild injury in my right shoulder and lower left back. While I miss my daily practice, I decided to let my body rest while on vacation. But does that make me weak? No. Sometimes it takes more strength to say no and step back than to keep pushing forward. And sometimes doing less is more. So the next time you need to rest, don’t judge yourself or compare where you are with others. Do what you can do and honor your body. Namaste. 🙏 #honoryourbody

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