Treat Yourself with Compassion

“Through kindness, we gently dissolve any negative energy and destructive patterns we are experiencing, creating space for the essence of who we are to shine through more fully in our lives. And once we have cultivated kindness within ourselves, genuinely extending kindness to others becomes effortless. We can give our love freely and demonstrate understanding with ease, even those we don’t know personally. Because what we see within ourselves, we see in everyone around us. When we feel love and kindness in ourselves, we notice love and kindness in others.” – MindBodyGreen


We usually think of compassion as kindness and understanding that we offer to others to support them, but it is equally as important to be compassionate toward ourselves. By treating ourselves with kindness, we can support ourselves and live with greater confidence. Today, practice treating yourself with compassion. If you notice yourself becoming self-critical, try to soften your attitude and your tone toward yourself. If you are feeling tired or stressed out, rest, relax, and do something kind for yourself. How can you best support and love yourself today? How many ways can you find to treat yourself with kindness?


  1. We are our own worst critics. We must love ourselves and be kind to our own soul. It’s so important. I love your blog! I would love if you’d check mine out, thanks.


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