Leading the Way to Healthy, Mindful Living: The Yoga Expo

Whether you’re advanced or beginning, The Yoga Expo is the perfect place for yogis of all levels to further explore their practice and deepen their understanding of techniques and philosophy. Local and national teachers lead classes and workshops on Bikram, Ashtanga, Hatha and other forms of yoga, as well as aerobics, resistance training and meditation workshops.

EDM & Hip Hop Vinyasa led by Yoga Instructor Ngan Pham

In one of my first posts, To Live. To Inspire. To Breathe. To Change., Kyle Michaud graciously shared sound bites of his vision to connect eco-conscious consumers with green businesses. His mission brought him to the birth of The Yoga Expo, an experience in which inspired many including myself.

Modern Table‘s booth sampled their Southwest and Terriyaki Lentil Bean + Veggie Kits!

During my visit in Santa Clara, The Yoga Expo inspired me beyond my practice. It bridged together eco-conscious consumers and yogis with options to support a sustainable lifestyle by showcasing an array of vegan food and beverage options, live entertainment, educational programs, activities and more. Attendees, staff and vendors alike evoked positive, healthy living.

Attentive guidance, intimate classes and workshops led by local and national yoga instructors.

The Yoga Expo spoke of the value and positive impact that yoga has on your mind, body and soul. Yes, practicing yoga will help tone your body. Yes, it aids in flexibility, muscle recovery and respiratory strength. Yes, it helps burn fat and increase lean muscle mass. But, the most exciting benefit, and arguably the most rewarding, is the positive impact that it has in our daily lives. In practice and philosophy, its dynamic power benefits our outlook, attitude and perception of life.

Small workshops encouraged pairs to practice open communication and mutual inspiration.

One of most perceptive workshops I attended was led by Health & Wellness Coach, Yareli Quintana on The Introduction of Love As A Lifestyle. Her workshop created a space of open communication to share our story. It empowered each of us to speak on love and its value in our everyday lives. To stop and ask ourselves the simplest of questions: Are we happy? And if not, how do we create and embrace love and light in pursuit of that happiness. We focused on the love intertwined in our daily relationships, but above all else, the love that radiates from within.

Yoga Instructor Grace Yu leading her class in Handstand Power Yoga

One of the most informative sessions I attended was led by Yoga Instructor Robert Astalos, Jr. on Arm Balances & Handstands. The class was challenging yet intuitive, technical yet practical. It focused on key exercises and poses to strengthen our posture and technique in balance. The class welcomed beginners, advanced students and teachers to deepen their practice  and develop fundamental skills. The intimate setting also created pockets of one-on-one guidance between the instructor and students.

The day was lit with transformation, and I left rejuvenated with love and light in my heart. Lessons and connections were made, and new friends as well. The Yoga Expo breathes life to the yoga community, leading the way to healthy, mindful living. Experience it yourself – as I did – in one of their upcoming events:

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