Farmhouse-Chic Dining at Henrietta’s Table

Two years apart from Boston, and this city never ceases to amaze me with bites to tickle the palate. From local eateries to upscale restaurants, vegans and vegetarians now can enjoy dining experiences from an array of menu items.

In catching up with a few friends, the question of the day was, “Where can Jenny eat?!”

Not going to lie, I was just as worried. But…I was wrong. As the perception of vegan and clean eating sweeps coast to coast, Boston has quickly opened its doors to vegan-friendly offerings. Traditional and foodie hot spots are evolving and adopting alternative menus and substitutes to accomondate individual diet and preferences – from gluten-free, vegan to clean eating.

One of these pioneers is Henrietta’s Table, located n Harvard Square in Charles Hotel. Perfect to accomondate meat lovers, vegans and everything in between, this farmhouse-chic eatery specializes in locally sourced food.


Nothing but locally grown and organic produce are used to create a lively, reinterpreted menu of classic favorites. If you care about what you eat, and where your food is sourced from, you’ll be amazed by the pristine texture and flavor of each produce. You’ll devour every last bite of their 21st Century Tofu sautéed with cabbage, seasonal vegetables, shiitake and ginger in a South River Miso ‘BBQ’ sauce – like I did!

21st Century Tofu (Sautéed with cabbage, seasonal vegetables, shiitake and ginger in a South River Miso ‘BBQ’ sauce

Other menu items to consider for vegan eats include: their Farro, Quinoa, Lentil, Heirloom Bean and Roasted Native Vegetable Chili with Scallion Empanadas and Jalapeno Cilantro Oil. Just opt out of the housemade cheddar. Although separate, the side dishes are also divine. Locally grown, simply choose from their staple butternut squash, beets, brussel sprouts or roasted root vegetables. I elected to indulge in their freshly roasted beets, which comes in a generous serving.

Generous side dishes to pair with their signature main course selections! Roasted Beets – locally sourced and incredibly delicious and fresh!

Highly recommended, whether it is for our vegan or vegetarian lovers or clean eating foodies, swing by Henrietta’s Table the next time you are in town and taste the farm to table goodness!

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