Wanderlust 108: A Journey to the Self

Mindful Triathlon: Run. Yoga. Meditate. These three elements comprise the infamous Wanderlust 108, a day focused on our mind, body and soul.

Last Sunday, I was joined by a vibrant community of yoga and wellness enthusiasts at Santa Monica Pier. It was a beautiful sunny day with a gorgeous view of the Santa Monica Beach and Pacific Park.

Tribal Marking is available throughout Wanderlust 108, each artist uniquely creates body art customized just for you!

The day kicked off with a 5K run along the beach. Some of us ran the whole distance while others joined their family and friends for a stroll. It was a 5K your way, any way: run, walk, skip or stroll – whatever fancied you.

Photo by ALN Images, Wanderlust 108 – Los Angeles

Followed by the 5K was a series of yoga classes accompanied by a DJ. It was fantastic. This included a Yoga Dance Party with MC Yogi and Yoga Flow with Chelsey Korus. From dancing to moving to the rhythm in vinyasa flow, the world was our oyster. Positive light and energy flowed through the crowd, and carried us through every pose, every practice and throughout the day.

Photo by ALN Images, Wanderlust 108 – Los Angeles

Smiling from within, Part III of our mindful triathlon came to a close with a 30-minute guided meditation to clear our mind, relax our bodies and complete the day in absolute wellness. It was the perfect ending to an amazing journey of self-discovery.


Wanderlust 108: Los Angeles was my very first yoga festival of its kind. It was an enlightening experience, and best of all, I learned how to do AcroYoga while discovering some amazing, delectable wellness treats at the vendor tents! It was unlike the traditional triathlon in that the day placed community above competition, inner peace above power, and self-awareness above strength.


I would highly recommend it to my fitness and wellness enthusiasts. If you missed Los Angeles, don’t fret! Wanderlust 108 mindful triathlon is scheduled in 15 cities – including Sacramento, San Diego, Chicago, Brooklyn to name a few.

The entry fee varies from $39-$54, and you can visit Wanderlust’s website to check out their schedule and ticketing details for upcoming events.


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