2016 Vegan Street Fair – L.A.’s New Vegan Delight

If the thought of a vegan diet conjures images of bland salads and flavors, then you haven’t experienced Vegan Street Fair! With over 90 of L.A.’s hottest vegan and non-vegan vendors on site, this new vegan food renaissance served up $3 max bite size portions of vegan and gluten-free specialties such as tamales, gumbo, sliders, cupcakes and ice cream.

Happy Elephant Vegan was a hit at Vegan Street Fair! Lines from opening to end, and what a wonder!

For 2016, Vegan Street Fair brought vendors such as Sage Organic Bistro, SunCafe Restaurant, One Veg World, Jamba Juice, Shugah Mama, Happy Elephant Vegan, Young Scent, Rawkin Raw Chocolate and many more.

Vegans and foodies had a ball at 2016 Vegan Street Fair – not only did we eat, we also laughed, sang and danced!

Although entry to the event was free, VIP tickets were available for purchase for $40 – perfect for bypassing the long lines as a VIP Fast Pass. As an added bonus, VIP tickets grant access to VIP ticket booths and receive a strip of 12 tickets ($6 value).

On site with the owner of Covina’s very own Young Scent, http://www.youngscent.com

Some of my favorite discoveries are highlighted below:

SunCafe Restaurant

My girl Linda and I munching on SunCafe’s Lettuce Leaf Tacos!!!!

SunCafe Restaurant, located in Studio City, CA, is an exciting and healthy organic eatery offering many vegan, gluten-free and raw food options. One of my favorites is their Lettuce Leaf Tacos, which includes SunChorizo, cashew cheese, pico de gallo, avocado and basil ranch – see closeup below!

To the front is the SunCafe’s infamous Lettuce Leaf Tacos! Mouthwatering goodness!

Happy Elephant Vegan

A sample of their Crazy Eggplant, a delictable crispy eggplant sautéed with bell peppers, chili paste and crispy basil leaves.

Happy Elephant Vegan specializes in vegan Thai cuisine and sushi made with mostly organic ingredients. With a commitment to authentic flavors, they strive to provide healthy vegan and plant-based alternatives for Asian cuisine.

Rawkin Raw Chocolate (R.E.A.L)

Rankin Raw Products are now available on Amazon and Whole Foods! 100% Raw Ingredients!

Rawkin Raw Chocolate is perfect for raw vegans and vegans alike. Founded by Erinn Williams, R.E.A.L (Raw Energy and Life) produces raw chocolates packed with super foods, anti-oxidants, cacao, goji berries, mama and spirulina! In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing my reviews and recipes on how to incorporate her products into your everyday diet. Follow me for more information and delectables by Rawkin Raw Chocolate!

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