Silence Your Mind. Open Your Heart. Fuel Your Soul.

Every day, I demand the world of my mind, body and soul. But, every morning, I receive. I silence my mind so my spirit may speak. I listen so I need not ask. I breathe so I can fuel my soul. I meditate so I can see.

In the dawn of every morning, a new page of our story is written. How we begin sets the course for the day. And so as this is, I meditate to restore the light in my heart, the patience in my mind and the strength in my soul.

It gives me perspective and an open heart to approach any test that challenges me through the day. And when needed, I look within myself again to find stillness in meditation. The answers we seek are only within ourselves, and only in meditation can we quiet our mind for the soul to speak.

If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate. Nothing in life exceeds beyond our own self love and care. Never lose sight of that, and always put yourself first.

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