A Moment of Reflection: Be Your Own Inspiration

Three months ago, I set out on a journey to be my own inspiration. I craved passion – a thirst for curiosity and creativity. I wanted to be my own brand, my own self. I wanted to live to inspire through my words, my life. I wanted to be none other than a blogger and influencer…

All of this, however, seemed like a dream away from reality. I was too scared to begin only to fail, and I almost lost sight of my vision in fear. So I turned to running, yoga and meditation every morning. Together, they created the symphony to restore the light in my heart, the patience in my mind and the strength in my soul.

Each day, I practiced. Each day, I grew. Each day, I shared. Then just as I saw the changes emerge within myself, so did others. More importantly, my words inspired – “I want you to know how much your positive notes make a difference in my life right now. Thanks so much for being – whether you realize it or not – one of the people in my life who are helping me cope with this great sadness. You give me joy!”

Not only did I become my own inspiration to kick off the new year with a lifestyle blog, I touched the heart of at least one person. And as a blogger, there is no greater satisfaction than to inspire…

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