Be Present. Be Aware. Be Yoga.

Five years ago, my life-long journey began with yoga. I had just moved from Boston to New York City (NYC), and was looking for extracurricular activities to do. Instead of jumping at the sight of all the that NYC had to offer, I caught onto hot yoga at Yoga to the People. It was the hottest room I had ever been in (ranging from 105°F-108°F) and about the most difficult challenge I threw myself into. In the midst of the heat, the key was to focus on the breath, pose and most importantly oneself. What you put in, you receive and to maximize the benefits of the practice, I dedicated at least 5 times a week without fail.

Now, for most people, heat isn’t the most appealing aspect of hot yoga but the truth is once your mind is focused, your body and soul simultaneously synchronizes to become one. Nothing outside of the present moment becomes your reality, and the only presence you become aware of is yours alone. And in time, in this practice, you will truly see you – your spiritual self, and love who you are as you are.

Each day since then, I have dedicated 60-90 minutes of my day to my practice, my yoga. And each day, I feel different going into each pose but always come out feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and at peace.

This is my yoga. This is where my day begins, and where I always want to be. As Baron Baptiste said, “Go from a human being doing yoga to a human being yoga.” Namaste.

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